By Jacqueline Valdez


[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ollywood’s hottest new workout trend is Pole Fitness! Pole Dancing is popping up all over social media and TV shows everywhere. Not only is Pole a recognized form of exercise but it has developed into a well-respected beautiful art form. Competitions, expos, conventions and even a Grammy event are taking place. Talk of becoming a part of the Olympics is even in discussion.

The great thing about pole fitness is at any age, size, and level, students can begin to incorporate pole workouts into their lifestyle. Pole incorporates gymnastic, contortion, ballet and modern dance movements. Movements include spins, climbs, static poses, body inverts as well as choreographed dance routines. Improve posture, coordination, balance, grace and overall fitness. Feel stronger, taller and more confident. In addition, you will experience the following:

Increase flexibility. Make sure to warm up properly, stretch with proper technique, not pushing past pain and breathing through each stretch. Set a goal.

Strengthen core and upper body. Pole is a full body workout.

Burn calories. AT LEAST 500 calories is burned in a pole fitness class, which can lead to significant weight loss.

Emotional benefits. Endorphins are released and stress is reduced leading to better sleep. A comradery is formed with an incredible and supportive industry!

Pole will motivate you to work out more. You will find yourself wanting to do additional cardio and strength activities to help you achieve future pole moves.

Always make sure to find a certified Pole Fitness Instructor so you get a great workout in a safe and effective manner. Experience empowerment though practicing the art of pole dancing. Enjoy your journey into pole fitness and see how your life will change for the better! Go ahead…..Give it a whirl!

Jacqueline Valdez- Jacqueline Valdez Fitness premier online dance & fitness lessons, performer with Infusion Remax and studio owner of Elegant Body Pilates in Gainesville, Florida. Celebrity dancer, model and fitness guru. Jacquelinevaldezfitness.com

Photography by Daniel Bray & Wardrobe by Mika Yoga Wear