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Actually, now that I’m in my 40s, I’m in better shape that I ever was in all my years of dancing, and I attribute that all to pole dancing.

Sticking to a routine almost guarantees a smoother, more organized day. When it comes to hitting the gym, this strategy isn’t quite so effective. Going through the same motions is a guaranteed way to get really bored with exercise and stall your results. This is why classes are a great way to get fit. Only the instructor knows what’s coming next, which keeps your mind and body guessing the whole time. While you have plenty of options to choose from, you might want to give pole dancing classes a more serious look.

Though pole dancing classes are becoming more common, they still seem a little exotic to most fitness buffs. Even we felt a little mystified by this unique way to get in shape, so we chatted with Michelle Abbruzzese, fitness trainer and owner of Work It Dance and Fitness in Norwalk, Conn. A lifelong dancer with experience performing for professional sports teams, she knows a few things about staying fit. Abbruzzese revealed just how tough pole dancing can be and why men should seriously consider trying it out. Hear more of what she had to say in this condensed version of our conversation.

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