Emilia Mazza | Daily Mail]

A mother-of-three has revealed how becoming a pole dancing instructor after a series of traumatic events has given her the strength to always battle on – no matter what life sends her way.

Northern Territory-based Kerryn Luby is currently in recovery from early stage two breast cancer, after she lost her son in 2010 and was once threatened by someone wanting to kill her children.

But since taking part in and teaching pole dancing, she has built a stronger body and mind, and it’s also helped her to focus on her needs, according to the 49-year-old.

‘It’s not a sexual activity, it’s a way of looking after yourself in a nurturing environment,’ Ms Luby told FEMAIL.

"It's a way of looking after yourself."

— Kerryn Luby

Ms Luby was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2016 and has since undergone surgery, chemo and radiation – her cancer is currently in remission.

And while this has meant less time teaching, every week she shows up to her studio, Champagne Fitness, which she opened in 2009, to help women practice their pole dancing moves.

She said she came to the activity, one that’s more aligned with sport than stripping these days, after a traumatic event had left her struggling with ongoing issues from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Touching on details, Ms Luby revealed she had received a letter at work one day, that was sent anonymously, in which the writer had threatened to kill her three children.

She was alone at the time as her husband, who she is now divorced from, was overseas working with the RAAF.

The upbeat music helped relax my mind and gave me energy at the same time. It was also very supportive because it was all women.

The letter left her so badly affected that all she wanted to do for the next year was stay at home and protect her kids. She was also placed under the care of a psychologist.

The turning point came when one night some girlfriends invited her to a pole dancing class – something she credits with changing her life.