“You want to say something about it, let’s see you do this.”

[Carrrie Seidman | Herald-Tribute | July 21, 2014]

When Amber Bright is out for a night on the town with girlfriends, sometimes the temptation of a street sign is just too much.

“To us, we immediately see the pole and we’re off,” says Bright, owner of Apple Jelly Studios, a Sarasota business offering classes in pole dancing and fitness. “Some guy will make a lewd remark and we’ll be like, ‘Hey buddy, that is not what we are doing here. You want to say something about it, let’s see you do this.’”

Then they’ll whip off a Brass Monkey, a Dragon Tail, a Yogini or a Rainbow Marchenko — tricks requiring strength, flexibility and technique while hanging off a pole — and leave him with his mouth hanging open … for a different reason.

You can hardly blame the poor guy. Mention “pole dancing” to almost anyone and what comes to mind is not a fitness studio with eight students of all shapes and sizes doing upper body crunches while holding their bodies off the ground horizontally with the power of their inner thighs.

But that’s what you’ll see during “Pole Boot-y Camp,” a once-a-month 90-minute class at Apple Jelly taught by Gina Duncan who, at 36 and after three kids, has the body of . . . well, of a different type of pole dancer.