Are you single and bitter this Valentine’s Day? Take a “Valentine’s Day Single and Bitter Class” at Gypsy Rose Exotic & Pole Dancing Lessons.

Go alone or bring a friend to this pole dancing class where you can wear your own clothes or dress up in “crazy costumes.” Learn The Supermodel Strut, A Sexy Floor Routine, A Chair Dance Routine, and even “How to Pick Up a Dollar Bill with Yer Butt!” The class is 90 minutes long.

Oh, and it’s for women “who wish a gigantic huge red cyst zit” upon the nose of women who brag about what their boyfriends got them for Valentine’s Day.

Bitter, indeed.

“Valentine’s Day Single and Bitter Class,” Gypsy Rose Exotic & Pole Dancing Lessons, 1 Braintree St., Second Floor, Allston. $35.