[Serena Dai | DNAinfo | Sept 4, 2014]

A new pole dancing fitness studio opening in Greenpoint is offering specially tailored classes for students of all ages and genders — including women who might otherwise think they’re “too old” for pole dancing.

Brooklyn Pole Dance Studio owner Sally Sutton, 51 — a former longtime exotic dancer who uses her stage name — didn’t anticipate having a special class just for mature women at her new studio, located at 832 Manhattan Ave.

But she said she was bombarded by requests from women in their 60s looking to do pole dancing for exercise. So Sutton launched “Pole for Seniors,” a low-impact dance class technically geared toward people aged 65 and over but is open to all ages, she said.

The class music will include a lot of ’70s funk and sexy songs from older soul artists like Al Green and Barry White. And students will leave the more advanced exotic dancer moves to the pros — instead primarily using the floor-to-ceiling poles for dancing, stretching and basic exercises, Sutton said.

“I think it will be really good for them,” she said. “They have the pole to hold onto. They’ll feel stable with their bends and stretches. They’ll be holding onto the pole, just dancing and feeling good about themselves.”

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