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Pole Expo features the Pole Classic Competition and Pole Star Showcase plus a plethora of free workshops and educational seminars. An endless array of the industry’s best products by innovative designers.

A place to meet all your pole idols and enjoy inspiring performances.

“Voted ‘The #1 Event of the Year’ by Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine, winner of the ‘Industries Best Award’ by Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine, and ‘Polers Choice Best Event’ by United Pole Artists.”

Infusion Remax, (Jacqueline Valdez “Pole Ballerina & Jason Rex “Power Vocalist”) had the incredible honor to do an exclusive interview with the gorgeous and talented creator Fawnia Mondey.

Jacqueline: Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.

Fawnia: My name is Fawnia Mondey.

I have been teaching pole since 1994 and I am originally from Canada. Las Vegas is my home, where I own a pole dancing school called Pole Fitness Studio and a pole convention called Pole Expo.

Jacqueline: Tell us your favorite thing about this year’s expo.

Fawnia: This year we made Pole Expo playing cards with Steven Retchless as the King, me as the Queen, Jamilla Deville as the Jack, Sofia Vanzetti as the Ace, and Nadia Sharif as the Joker. The photographers Christopher Donald, Adam Jay, Samko and Richard Faverty all produced exactly the right look for this fun project. Each year we have a world map where people pin where they are from, and I love that too.

Jason: What is your favorite trick or move you are working on currently?

Fawnia: Well right now I am working on just getting on the pole! Currently I teach just two hours a week, and sometimes 1 – 2 parties on the weekends, so now that I am settling into my new home (just moved Oct 2015) and I have my pole up, I promised myself and Kathy that I would practice at least once a week. From there I would be so proud to have followed through with my promise and just danced! I love pole dancing, music, and creative movement and sound interpretation. I can’t wait to see what I am capable of as it’s been months since I have really set time aside for my creative side.

Jacqueline: What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Fawnia: LOL.. OK ..I didn’t expect this question. Ummm, 48 hours give or take a few hours. This must be the wild card questions 🙂

Jacqueline: What inspires you?

Fawnia: Making change inspires me. I love to create and see what a difference and affect on my environment my imagination can make.

Jacqueline: What words of encouragement would you give to others?

Fawnia: I would say that it’s OK to not know what you want to do with your life as long as you are having fun along the way, and trying different avenues. Read, write, draw, paint, travel, and laugh lots.

Jacqueline: What are your highlights so far for this year?

Fawnia: 2015 Highlights were planning and experiencing the 4th annual Pole Expo. It’s months of non-stop planning and when it Pole Expo arrives I can breath and really enjoy all the smiling faces.

Another highlight was meeting a young boy whom Kathy and I spent about 45 minutes with at the residential pool at our previous home. His mother was not watching him or her other 6+ kids, but instead chatting it up with the adults about how many kids she had, completely forgetting about her two youngest sons. One of her sons was the boy Kathy and I was with, and the other was two year old Israel Hall, who drowned in the hot-tub because he was left unattended. I know this answer is dark and we cried immensely after-wards, but I am grateful to have given the four year old almost an hour

of quality attention, which I am sure he never received. Update on this, which many of you may have seen our post on FB, was that the mother went to jail.

Jason: What is in plan for 2016?

Fawnia: 2016 will be welcoming the 5th annual Pole Expo and possibly my book, will be ready for you all to read too.

Jacqueline: Any last words! ??
Fawnia: Thank you for playing with us all at Pole Expo!

See you all in 2016 – in the mean time please visit my three main websites.


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