[Tina Tenneriello| CJAD | 7/19/2014]

A montreal male is opening a new pole fitness centre in the city that will cater to men.

Among other things, the center will offer men only pole fitness classes.

The owner Mike Parry, has been teaching pole fitness in the city, to women and men, for close to three years.

He says that in America pole fitness is still sexualized but historically it was used for asian military training and in Europe it’s mostly men that practice the sport.

“In America men kind of view it as a female sport, but it’s getting better, a lot of guys know about the project and at least 10 to 15 guys are waiting to start the classes,” Parry said.

“Men need to see a man do it.  I enforce the fact that yes, what we see as a stereotype is the girl, with the heels and the boa, dancing, but I don’t do that kind of stuff. Just my training is like a boot camp.”

The centre will offer other kinds of alternative classes and massage therapy services, some only for men, others only for women, and some will be mixed.

The name of the centre will be revealed when it opens July 26.

Parry is holding an open house, details here.