A new fitness class in Taos has students spinning with excitement.

[Jessie Moya | The Taos News]

Adding to the growing list of classes at the Taos Body Shop, owner Julia Fernandez de Maez has introduced X-pole Xpress Southwest classes to teach community members about pole fitness.

Classes will be offered for the first time in Taos, making the Body Shop the first Northern New Mexico fitness studio to offer the experience, according to Fernandez de Maez. Through the classes, students will be offered a full body workout experience that takes dancing, fitness and gravity to new heights.

"When people think of pole dancing, they think of stripping. That's not what we're doing here. We take a very athletic approach to this."

— Fernandez de Maez

Fernandez de Maez said she is taking the taboo out of pole fitness and is encouraging others to try out her classes. The shop has been offering classes for the past two weeks, and Fernandez de Maez said classes are filling up and growing.

Pole fitness is a growing trend across the U.S. and incorporates a full-body workout for students participating. The hourlong classes at the Body Shop focus on several different areas of the body including arms, core and legs while working on the dance routines. Learners are encouraged to start at the basics and build their confidence through the routines and workouts provided by Fernandez de Maez.