By Drea Roers
Owner of The Pole Garage

I began my pole journey in 2004, at which time I fell madly in love with the artistry of pole dancing. I knew the moment I touched the pole that my life had changed forever, it was magical! My first spins were definitely not’pretty’, but I was flying through the air and I felt FREE and BEAUTIFUL! I was instantly addicted! I began instructing and quickly realized that I had a dream…to open my own studio and to share the world of pole dancing with other women. I hoped that if I could change ONE life the way my life had been changed, that I would be able to share my love and passion for pole dancing with women!

In 2009, my dream came true. My husband, David Roers, and I opened The Pole Garage in Santa Monica, CA. I left a 12 year Trading/Brokerage career and never looked back! We created The Pole Garage so that women would have an energetic, positive and intimate space to explore the artistry of pole dancing. We wanted to give women a supportive environment to be creative, innovative and to challenge themselves. A safe place to meet a new community of adventurous women, to get toned & sculpted, to let loose, to train or to maybe someday perform, compete or instruct.

Through my pole dancing journey, it is the life-long friendships formed from The Pole Garage and from within the pole community that I hold so near and dear to my heart. I believe the bond we share is beyond a friendship, it is truly a “SISTERHOOD” or as we say at The Pole Garage, our “POLE SISTERS”. These women are truly my SISTERS in this life and they fill my every day with so much light, laughter and love. I believe it is here that we experience a true bond of feminine energy TOGETHER as we get to fly, spin and flip through the air together… cheering, encouraging, and supporting one another. It is here that we get to let our guards down and in some cases, let our corporate hair down too! It is here that there is unconditional love and acceptance. It is here that we get to laugh out loud and scream with joy! It is here that we get to be FREE and truly ALIVE! IT is here, that we find our SISTERS…POLE DANCING!

All my love and appreciation,

Drea Roers Owner of The Pole Garage