By Deb M

Pole Sport Organization(PSO) did it again; they gave Pole and Lyra Dancers of all ages and levels an opportunity to shine on stage at The Pacific Aerial Art Championships this past weekend. There was probably a heavy weight lifted off the shoulders of those who participated in the event. It was an amazing weekend full of talented individuals. We all know how stressful the weeks prior to competition are, but now that competition is over other feelings begin to take over. Everyone reacts differently to their performance and their results and then the big question is what’s next?

As a competitor myself I know all the emotions that a person goes thru after competition. I competed in in two categories this time around: Entertainment Level 3 SR/Mstr and Dramatic Level 3 Jr/Sr. In the past year I have competed 4 times and each time I grew as pole dancer/performer. I learned something new each time I got off stage and even more when I got the judges feedback. I took each experience and used it to work harder and train in areas that I was weak in. As I trained for these competitions I never let the joy of pole dancing get away from me. I will however admit that I felt sad and down when I didn’t place each time I competed and I’m sure others have felt the same.

Today I am honored to say that I won first place in Entertainment and third place in Dramatic category level 3. It was a long road and I don’t regret any minute of it. I must say I was so excited that I actually won and all my hard work paid off but it wasn’t just me that got me here. I have to give a special thanks to my trainer/choreographer Celeste Ayers (owner of Polarity Fitness in Long Beach) who pushed me and believed in me.

Competitions can make or break you if you choose. I chose to let competitions make me; they made and are making me a better pole dancer a better performer and a better pole dance instructor. I mentioned I was honored to have won this time and I am, but I am also honored to have been able to share the stage with so many talented individuals. It must be so hard to be a judge in any of these pole competitions because each competitor is good in their own way. So what’s next? Pacific Pole Championships! I hope to see you all there!

Deb M