[Angel Melendez | Miami New Times]

With as many fingers as she has in so many different pies, Kim Cameron might as well be a baker. Adding yet another title to her resume wouldn’t be wholly unexpected, as the Miami Beach resident and L.A. native is a singer/songwriter, children’s author, and radio personality. She’s now taken an interest in pole dancing, something that befits her sensual style of dance music and a skill that will one day ante up the sex appeal of her concerts.

The self-described former “valley girl” and lover of the “beach life” has written eight albums and charted twice on the Billboard’s Dance Club Songs list with her singles “Not Into You” and “Now You’re Mine.” A disciple of Europop and Kylie Minogue in particular, Cameron’s songs, all set to a driving beat, exist in the world between lust, sexuality, and all the softer nuances of romantic love.

Her concerts are a combination of live instrumentation and pulsating, electronic rhythms. Joining her in creating these rhythms is her recording and touring band, Side FX. The group is composed of musicians that include a deep house DJ, a guitarist, contributing songwriter John DePatie, and agile Dominican percussionist Pablo Peña, better known as “Pablito Drum,” who travels with no less than an 18-piece drum kit.

Cameron’s journey to this point has been a lifelong trek with a few sidetracks along the way. “I’ve always been into music, one way or another. I was either in an orchestra, or a marching band, or a cover band, or whatever. But it’s hard to make money playing music, so I started out as a DJ because I was a broadcast journalist major.” After a few years spent bouncing around media jobs, Cameron wound up in the corporate world of which says, “I made a lot more money, but it certainly wasn’t a lot of fun.”

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