Evgeny Greshilov


Evgeny Alekseevich Greshilov (born January 11, 1981) is a Russian pole dance artist and athlete, born in a small town in Siberia. He started his artist career in drama studio when he was a boy and now lives in Moscow, Russia.

Studying at the Moscow State College of Circus and Variety Arts from 1998 to 2002, he moved on to study at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts until 2008, graduating from both institutions with diplomas. While studying, he also worked for two years in the Great Moscow Circus as a dancer and aerial gymnast.

At the moment, he is working as an instructor in a Pole Dance studio “Elena Marso” while also instructing in styles of dance such as Hip-hop, House, Contemporary and Pole Dance in a “Dance Studio by World Class”.

His achievements in Pole Dance

1-st place “2 CUP ORTO” Moscow, Russia, 2010
1-st place “Golden Pole” Krasnodar, Russia, 2010
1-st place “Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competition” Moscow, Russia, 2010
The Best Russian Pole Dancer 2010/2011
Male Champion – Aerial Pole International Bern, Switzerland, 2011
Winner – World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship Budapest, Hungary, 2011
Best Entertainer Award – World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship Budapest, Hungary, 2011
Best Pole Tricks Award – World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship Budapest, Hungary, 2011
1-st place World Pole Sport Championship, London, 2012
1-st runner up Pole Art 2012, Stockholm, Sweden



Cleo the Hurricane

Cleo the Hurricane is the international rock star of pole dancing and the current Australian Pole Dance Champion.

Born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, now hailing from Melbourne-via-Sydney, Cleo’s early years were spent doing gymnastics and classical ballet training. In high school she discovered rock music, picked up a pair of drumsticks, joined a band and never looked back.

Her formative years were spent gigging around Melbourne, fronting her band ‘Raw Sexes War’. Leaving ballet behind, Cleo began practicing Capoeira (a Brazilian Martial Art) which led to her discovery of the ‘Pole Princess’ studio in Melbourne and subsequent obsession with pole dancing.

Hitting the pole for the first time at 27, this feisty lady was teaching classes within two months, developing her style quickly and truly owning her technique. She’s a natural, and the rest is history…

Cleo also took out the 2012 Miss Pole Dance Australia, previously having missed out on the title by just ½ a point in 2011 (2nd only to World Champion Felix Cane). Her scorching 2011 routine was set to Scorpion’s hit ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ which earned her the nick name ‘Hurricane’.

Cleo has built an impressive, international career out of her pole-dancing obsession. She’s produced, written and starred in her own fitness DVD ‘Rockin’ Legs N Abs’ and taught at Sydney’s ‘Bobbi’s Pole Studio’ (known as the pole capital of the world). Having performed in Australia, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, the USA and Canada, Cleo also lived in Germany for a short time, performing as a solo artist at Berlin’s prestigious Friedrichstadt Palast Show Palace.

Cleo the Hurricane is taking over the world one routine at a time, and it’s easy to see why. Her strength, flexibility and power are an inspiration to men and women the world over. Her wild performances, leather and stud-clad costumes and rockin’ soundtracks are what set Cleo apart. Her ‘Rock N Pole’ and ‘Hurricane’ styles, plus sexy sky-high stilettos (always) make Cleo a jaw-dropping performer and a formidable opponent in competition.

Pole has taken over Cleo’s life, and she has taken the world by storm with her unforgettable talent and charisma, on stage and off.

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Zoraya Judd

Zoraya Judd a Mother of 2, Performer, Competitor and Instructor.

 Some of the titles Zoraya has been awarded:
“1st Runner Up Pole Art Champion 2012/2013″ in Hong Kong at International Pole Championships
“Best Entertainer 2011/2012″ in Hungary, Budapest at World Pole Dance Championships
“Pole Art Champion 2011/2012″ in Tokyo, Japan at International Pole Championships
“Best Tricks and Strongest Pole Dancer 2011/2012″ in Switzerland at Aerial Pole Championships
“1st Runner Up and Pole Athlete of the Year 2011″ in New York at American Pole Championships
“1st Runner Pole Idol 2012″
“Pole Idol 2011″
Zoraya’s goal is to continue to show people the art and fitness side of aerial pole.  She absolutely loves everything that has to do with pole, But for her it is the strength, control and flexibility that she finds so beautiful and intriguing.
Sarah Romanowsky
Sarah Romanowsky is an accomplished aerialist seen performing silks in TV projects such as Disney’s Shake it Up and Chevy’s Super Bowl ad featuring the cast of Glee. She has also been seen in the air at concert and corporate events such as Ultra Music Festival, Grammys, Creative Arts Emmys, Adobe Max, Nationwide, Lexus, and many others. Stage productions include Il Circo, All Wheels Extreme and Cirque de la Mer. Sarah specializes in strong, dynamic, musically-driven choreography in the air and thrives on sharing her art with audiences & students alike.
Anastasia Skukhtorova
Pole Dance/Pole Fitness instructor, performer, competitor.
Winner of 2d Pole World Cup 2012/2013

Anastasia was born in Moscow. She began pole dancing when she was 18 years old, in December of 2008. She trained at Moscow School and fell in love with pole dancing. The first videos Anastasia saw were of Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane. They were a huge inspiration for her and she began training from watching their videos.In the beginning, this Russian talent, trained 3 days a week for about 6-7 hours. After a couple months, her instructors suggested she become an instructor!! She trained all week for many hours, paid close attention to detail with choreography, basic tricks and stretching. Her back flexibility is natural and is extreme!In July 2009 Anastasia began preparing for the first Russian Pole Fitness Championship, which was held in August. She won second place in the professional category. But, at the first Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competition, held by Elena Shihkova, winner of RPFC, Skukhtorova won first place!! Next for her is Russia on World Pole Dance Championship 2010.Words from the enthusiastic pole dancer…..
“POLE DANCE is my life! I hope that this beautiful and strong kind of sport will be in Olympic games. I try to advance pole dance forward in Russia. I wish good luck to all pole dancers!”
Natasha Wang

I came into pole dancing purely by accident.

In 2004, a girlfriend who’d seen pole dancing on Oprah dragged me to an intro class at S Factor. I’d never been comfortable with exhibiting overt sexiness, so it wasn’t exactly love at first fireman spin, but it was a titillating curiosity; a little secret I could hide under my work clothes and my public-facing good girl persona.

I don’t have a gymnastics or dance background, so pole dancing was also an opportunity to be that dancer I’d always fantasize being — without any of the judgment or pressure to be perfect.

I joined Leigh Ann Reilly’s Be Spun gym in 2008 and saw what was possible with the human body. Women and men contorted into unimaginable shapes. Instructors and students seemingly levitated. These human beings were achieving the impossible – and I knew I wanted just a little bit of their superpowers. I began training every day, several hours a day.

What started off as something I did with friends for fun once a week, turned into a full-fledged love affair. I began competing in 2009 with little fanfare. Then I joined the cast of Kelly Yvonne’s Girl Next Door show and discovered the art of pole, in which emotion, storytelling, physical prowess and vulnerability came together on stage to create something magical: pole art.

Under Kelly’s mentorship and coaching, I started winning my first titles — first East Meets West/Tri-Pole Challenge’s “Miss Pole-AM 2010,” then the 2010 California Pole Dance Championship followed by the USPDF West Coast Championships that same year. In April 29, 2011, I cinched the USPDF National Championships title, and in April 2012, I won 1st Runner-Up at Pole Art in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since then, I’ve put my nine-year career as a publicist on hold to embark on a strange, surreal journey that has taken me around the world. I invite you to join me on the road as this self-professed ‘regular gal’ starts a new chapter of her life.