“Car accidents did not stop me nor will Sjogren’s”

Earlier this year we featured the amazing interview In Her Own Words with Jacqueline Valdez. In the interview she tells an inspiring story of resilience, strength and hope. Fast forward 9 months later and the interview still resonates with us. So much in fact that we asked her to join Pole World News [don’t worry, she said “yes”]. We couldn’t be happier.

As Jacqueline readies herself for this year’s Pole Expo, we’ve been informed of some inspiring news for Jacqueline.

Gainesville, Florida has been home to both Jacqueline and her dance studio Elegant Body Pilates for years. This morning The Gainesville Sun announced that Jacqueline has been nominated for their annual ‘Spirit of Gainesville‘ award.

Congratulations Jacqueline!

You Rock!


[from The Gainesville Sun]

Due to injuries from various car accidents, Jacqueline was informed she would never dance again and possibly be paralyzed in her upper body. Through perseverance, she rehabilitated herself through safe and effective exercises and decided to, once again, pursue her passion for dance. In 2012, Jacqueline, 40 years old, made her come back to the dance world and performing. Taking in her own experience in how dance & fitness helped her she decided to open up a studio where she could share her passion to help others. Pilates Instructor and celebrity dancer Jacqueline Valdez is the studio owner of ELEGANT BODY PILATES with Jacqueline Valdez. She empowers women on a daily basis. Jacqueline is reaching out further then Gainesville and working on launching an online premier dance fitness site JACQUELINE VALDEZ FITNESS so others around the world can get fit in her unique style.

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