The 29-Year Coming of Age

By Salenta Fox


If you are between the ages of 27 and 30 years old, you may have or are experiencing energetic changes and priority adjustments in your life. What is important to you may change, it may seem like you are finally in your own skin, and you now feel ready to take on those projects you have been thinking about for many years but did not have the courage or motivation to act upon. This is a time of stepping into all of yourself.  This period heralds a great shift, especially in a woman’s life.


What is this shift? Every woman goes through it; the extent to which you ‘feel’ it, or notice it is just different.  It is often referred to as a woman’s time to finally step into herself and her maturity, she no longer stands for things she does not like as easily. Of course everyone is different, but the more conscious a woman is, the more she will be aware of the shift.


This is a realignment period, a setting oneself straight on a more aligned course for the next stage of life.


Coincidentally enough this is not just some random phenomenon, what is actually going on it the heaven are partly be blame for assisting you energetically to make this shift into a fuller more mature part of you.


In astrology this time period is referred to as your Saturn Return. Saturn takes 29.4 years to return to the same house it was in at the time of your birth. As this slow moving planet makes it’s way back to this starting position, energies are set in motion to assist and support you in fully stepping into yourself, no longer a lost insecure soul, but a full mature adult ready to take things on in a more stable way. This is a time of reassessment, and if things are not in alignment you will feel the urge, sometimes a very undeniable urge to ‘make things right’, and set yourself on the correct course for the next 29 years of your life.  This realignment happens every 29.4 or so years.


You don’t have to believe in astrology for this to happen, it’s going to happen anyways, and the more your life is out of alignment in your late twenties, the bigger the shift or transition will feel.


For me, this was a time of great change, I felt like I was finally ready to step up and make my own dreams come true, instead of just helping my husband build his dreams.  This lead to me totally reassessing my life and making huge changes, I shifted out of a life long religion, and an 8-year marriage. This took a lot of courage, but when I needed it I had the strength and fortitude to carry out all these changes with speed and a sense of joy and freedom.  The urge to see my dreams into reality was so strong that it ‘woke me up’ in a sense.

I finally saw all the things limiting me in my life. I finally saw that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and how it was damaging my Saturn_cosmicsoul.  I finally saw that if something did not change, and change fast, I would die.


My soul was in such unalignment with what I wanted and who I was, that if I kept on the same course my soul would have died, and I’m sure my body would follow suit, probable slowly and painfully. Cancer would probably start to take hold of the shell that was left.


I had a life to live, dream to see, and my spirit was too strong to die with my music still in me. When the time came I had the courage and strength to leave the relationship I was in, I opened to a new world of immense spirituality and soul bliss, and embarked on my journey to uncover love. Looking back, I see now the planets supported me, and without this cosmic energetic support I know the shift would have been a lot more painful, but instead it was very exciting.


The wonderful part about life is that everything is provided for us. Wayne Dyer says it so well in the movie “The Shift”, he says that for the first 9 months of your life everything is there for you to live and thrive, and you trust it. Then you are born, and you think you need to struggle to live and get what you need, but this is a lie, the universe is set up for you to win. If you start to trust the process of life once again, and trust your feelings and internal guidance system then you open to the possibility of ultimate support, divine support.


When you need it the strength will be there.


love-your-saturn-returnThis time of Saturn returning is a very sacred time, honor it and honor yourself. This is a time to step into your full power and strength as a woman. This is a time to know who you are and how you fit into this great big puzzle we call life. Life is here to be lived in love and joy, life is not here for your pain and suffering and enduring. If you are in a state of enduring then maybe it is time to reassess things. I am not saying that life is always going to be easy, but even when it is hard; if you are on the right course to your bliss you can still have joy and fulfillment.


Now is the time to open to your fullness and radiance. Now is the time to shine again, no matter what your age.  You have the strength inside of you to make any changes you feel necessary to step into your authentic truth, and to make it through with flying colors. The key is to trust yourself and know you are supported.  Ask and it shall be given, if you need help, just ask and you will get it.


This is an exiting time, a time of progress, a time of maturity where you can feel good and solid in yourself, maybe for the first time in your life.  This is the true transition into your full womanhood.


Good luck sisters and know that you are loved and supported and all you need is there waiting for you if you but open to it and follow your bliss. If it lights you up, you are on the right course. If it sets you free, you are on the right course. If it leads you to living a fuller more fulfilled life for you, you are on the right course.


This is a time to turn inward and fortify yourself so you will have something to offer this world. Too often as woman we are expected to always give without us giving to ourselves first. Don’t be that empty vessel giving from a place of lack within you. When you are filled up, love yourself, and nurture yourself, you are that much more equipped to serve those around you.


This is not a time to be focusing on others, this is your time to go within and align yourself with your power and truth. When you emerge you shall be like the phoenix rising from the ashes, bright and radiant and renewed.


The Saturn Return, roughly age 27-30 is a pivotal time in a woman’s life. You may have felt this transition or change when you were this age, you may be in the middle of it right now, or it may be something that is still approaching for you. Whatever your stage in life, this is an important transition to note even if it just shines a little more light on what you went through.


Love Love Love