By Liz M

I started pole dancing over 4 years ago and still remember how I felt after my first class…sexy, confident, and empowered. It completely changed my life. I started teaching a year and a half later, primarily beginner classes with an emphasis on sexy. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and considered making instructional DVD’s until one of my students suggested creating a mobile app. It was a fresh idea, so I ran with it. I’ve taught over 1000 students in the past few years, and they definitely inspired me to be the best instructor I can be. I want women of all different ages, shapes and sizes to try my app. It is designed for true beginners that have no athletic or dance experience. The app includes a warm up, sexy dance basics, beginner spins/climbs/tricks, as well as flirty floor moves. I want women to feel empowered not only during their workout, but in life!

For more information about “Liz M’s Sexy Pole Dancing For Beginners” mobile app, please visit My Website and Facebook. It is available for download on iTunesGoogle play, Amazon and Nook

Thanks for having me PWN!