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When it comes to isolating weight loss or weight gain on different parts of your body, it’s a lot more complex than just tracking a single number.

ShapeScale, competing today on the TechCrunch CES Hardware Battlefield stage, is aiming to build a more visual way of tracking your fitness. The company’s product, a connected smart scale, creates 3D scans of a user’s body and tracks weight loss/gain and muscle definition. The companion app can then help you visualize progress over time and create heat maps of areas of your body where you’ve had success or need a little help in the fitness department.

From here the app delves into goal setting, allowing you to see how targeting specific areas of your body will improve your overall physique. If you want to, say, grow the mass in your biceps 5 percent while taking 10 percent off your belly, then the ShapeScale app can help you identify whether you’re making progress with your current diet and workout regiment.