[Hiba Khan | Sport360]

When you think of pole dancing, fitness may not be the first thing that pops to mind. But you would be surprised to know it has become a popular technique across the globe to improve fitness and agility.

However, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant when I got the opportunity to try out this unique programme.

With whatever knowledge a quick Google search equipped me with, I decided to venture into it completely blind and gain an insight into pole fitness under the guidance of Pole Fit Dubai.


We were all handed a small booklet with a checklist of pole moves that was to be our syllabus for pole intro that vastly involved basic spins and didn’t include any of the crazy acrobatics just yet.

I was greeted by the jovial face of my instructor Sarah Jones, winner of 2014 British pole superstar, whose agility and grace on the pole dropped all our jaws in awe and I was satisfied to know that I was not the only one openly gaping at her.

Sarah’s classes included a mix of beginner and intermediate girls, and as she he had rightly said, her classes were indeed a sweat-fest.

Her warm-ups were intense and every time she heard my anguished shrieks, she would look over at me sympathetically and promise that it would get better with time.

For pole dancing, being scantily clad is more of a necessity than a choice for better grip on the pole – shyness will quickly dissipate as you hang on to the pole for dear life and are more focused on not falling flat on your face.


I was gradually getting accustomed to pole dancing jargons and a technique called Pole Conditioning.

The conditioning involved specific exercise that act as a preparatory ground for your body to toughen up for the pain and bruises that are to come in the future.

My understanding of pole lingo may have gotten better, but sadly my signature pole dancing move remained falling all over the place like a loose sack of potatoes.

With my moderate flexibility I managed to do a few tricks, but I was often assured that flexibility and strength will get better and all I need is to be persistent.