By Tia Robinson

Atlanta brought some sexy back to Elm Street this past week, as the ladies of Polelateaz Pole and Sensual Dance Studio showed us as bit of working, tweaking and poling…oh my …at their October themed Teaz Cabaret called Nightmare on Teaz Street.

The night was full of ghoulish themes, aerial tricks and performers, including Illyria – a vampire assassin, Blood Lust – a woman who undergoes a transformation during every full moon, and Sparkle – a fairy on a journey to bring back the dead.

41 year old, Atlanta-based poler Regina AKA Gina Mocha gave a kick-ass performance as a “spirit longing to touch and to be touched”, while dancing to Beyonce’s Haunting in an outfit she made herself. ” I could visualize a routine in my head, it all came together. Also, I loved the fast and slow tempo of the song,” said Regina.

When asked about what made this month’s cabaret so special, Regina replied,” I was happy to perform in a showcase in front of my Polelateaz family. Some of my performances are out of state, so it’s always nice to perform locally.”

The evening closed with a group performance from the Polelateaz instructors, who twerked it out.