[Daily Mail | Sarah Dean]

“I copped a lot of flak from my mates until they realised I’m a straight male in a room dancing with girls”

When stuntman Ben Toyer heard there was a role coming up in a Hollywood movie that would require being able to pole dance he thought he’d give it a shot.

The blonde-haired model, who earns a living getting run over and set on fire in films, was 21 at the time and soon realised there was an added bonus to joining his local pole dancing class in Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

‘I went down to The Pole Dance Studio and had a go,’ he said.

‘I did my first show two weeks later and did my first competition six weeks after that. For over a year and a half I did shows and competed in the Australian championships, both men’s and doubles,’ Ben explained.

Ben said his friends would come to a show and then ‘realise how good it was’.

‘Women weren’t the reason I joined but it was great, I did meet people through it,’ he said.

Ben performed on cruise boats, clubs and Sydney’s Luna Park.

Asked how women react to his pole dancing he said: ‘They love it, you do get a lot of attention.’

But he never felt like just a ‘piece of meat’.

‘We joke about me being objectified but I’m not really. You are so comfortable with it.

‘There is only one backstage area so you do have people getting changed around you but the woman aren’t like “oh no he’s in the room”.

‘It’s up to you how you act because you are changing in a room full of women in their underwear. There’s a right and a wrong way to act,’ he reasoned.