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Helle Carlstedt isn’t letting pregnancy hold her back.

Pole dancing has come a long way from the sleazy strip club image it had a decade or so ago. Now it’s a perfectly acceptable method of keeping fit – and it can be incredibly beautiful, too.

This week, Helle Carlstedt set Instagram on fire with her amazing pole dancing routine – all while nine months pregnant (and overdue!).

Shared on Instagram by Pregnancy Workout, Helle’s video has been viewed over 260,000 times.

Helle’s routine sees her executing a slow, sultry pole dance with control and poise most of us (pregnant or not) can only dream of.

As a pole dancing instructor and co-owner at Vida Pole in Stockholm, Sweden, if anyone can pole dance beautifully at nine months pregnant, it’s Helle.

Many commenters complimented Helle on her performance, calling it “impressive”, “unbelievable”, “sexy”, and “so graceful”.

Another was impressed by her capability at this stage of her pregnancy: “When I was pregnant, I couldn’t even wash my own hair.”