By Reena Desai

Often times we think that passion is something that arises only when we have sex or is something to seek externally and outside of our self. But this is very far from reality, for as women, we contain boundless amounts of passion within us.

This passion is the wellspring, or source that can be directed to any part of our life; business, relationships, creativity, health, our self-esteem and spiritual development. It is truly a gift we have within.

In my own experience and in my experience with many women I work with, one of the biggest reasons we become dependent and needy in relationships is because we see our partner as the source of awakening to our passion. Alternatively, women who have difficulty in attracting a partner is because there passion might be blocked.

It is true that passion is connected to sexual energy, however this does not mean it is necessarily connected to sex. As women we can wake up our passion through dance, through breathings and meditations. We are able to direct our passions within our own body and feed different parts of our self to develop and nurture our self.

When we begin to open up to the source of passion within, a whole new world opens up for us. We come alive in our bodies, we feel deeper in our emotions, we believe in our selves and our potential in life. We come back to reconnect with our essence, with our joy and pleasure in life. We come back into our own wholeness and through this attract and manifest passionate relationships with a partner.

This is in fact the joy of being a woman, for it us through us that tremendous passion and play comes into the world. We can express this energy as men cannot and through this the masculine is fed by the feminine.

Many of us have been taught that passion, pleasure, desire are “bad” and something to repress, however the ancient teachings of Tantra will tell us, there is no good or bad. There only is what is. We understand what is, through actual experience of it. These longings we have inside of ourselves to awaken to our passion, pleasure and joy for life are true and beautiful.

Every single one of us has the ability to live the life we are fully passionate about. Through developing our passion within, it helps us to blossom into ourselves, to blossom into our feminine power, a power that is so needed in our world today.

Reena began an introductory workshop to awaken to our passion on Wednesday, May 9. This was an introduction to the Flower of Life, 6 Week Series, starting May 14th. For more information or to register visit