[Josh Hanrahan | Daily Mail]

“I go back to the pole and show them that there’s still life in the old lady!”

She’s 71, an age where most women are seemingly content to enjoy the quiet life.

But instead of going for gentle walks, doing water aerobics or chasing after her grandchildren, Christiena Bluett chooses a different hobby – pole dancing.

The incredibly fit grandmother from Mandurah, Western Australia, took up the sport just this year as a break from regular gym sessions.

And now she has fallen so in love with the hobby that with the approval of her husband, she is set to get her own pole put up at her lifestyle village unit.

‘I live in a lifestyle village so we’re a pretty active lot. We run an animal variety show and it’s presented by the people who live here,’ Ms Bluett told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Since I’ve been living here I’ve been involved in the show and every year I come up with something different and I don’t know but for some reason pole dancing came into my mind.’

Creating a routine alongside her trainer Kellie, Ms Bluett instantly fell in love with her new hobby.

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