By Melissa Ramos

Last Saturday when I was at the gym with Arik (my fiancé), I overheard some meat heads at the gym say, “Bra…women are crazy.” Something inside of me began to boil. I could FEEL my face turning red…and clearly so could Arik who quickly said, “Easy there tiger. Let it go.” The reason why I feel this way is because  when we’re feeling irritated then crying the next moment. And guess what…there is something you can do. So in this week’s video I’m breaking it down for you. Plus I’ve included a Paleo Cran-Apple Crisp for you this week that you will literally go organic bananas over because not only is it delicious but super easy to make. Want to get all the goods? Dive in now.

Quite often when I speak to women in my free and private Sexy Food Therapy Community group, I hear the despair many women face when trying to balance their hormones. However what i find is that most women overlook a crucial aspect of hormone balancing so this week I thought I’d talk all about it.

Detoxing and Balancing Hormones: What you need to know.

So let’s break this down, shall we?

To eliminate harmful hormones, we need to first make sure that all of our elimination pathways are wide open. Why: because if they’re not, our hormones will get recycled and will then build up in our system which can be dangerous.

Here is some advice on what those elimination pathways are and how to open them right on up:

Your skin (a.k.a. your second kidneys)

Your skin is your largest elimination organ and believe it or not you eliminate (or at least are supposed to eliminate) ONE POUND of waste through your skin per day and this mainly done by your sweat glands. So to facilitate detoxing, get a dry loofah or a skin brush and brush your skin once daily before jumping into the shower. You want to brush from your toes to your nose and from your pitties to well…you get the point. Make sure you don’t use the skin brush on your face because it can be a bit harsh. Rather, use a dry washcloth that will be equally effective.

kidney_large_1Your kidneys

Your kidneys are responsible for water metabolism, regulation of pH, electrolyte balance and even the production of hormones! I always tell my tribe that you MUST be drinking half your body weight in water. So if you weigh 140lbs you need to be drinking 70oz of water which roughly equates to 2L of water daily. Just remember however to not have ice cold water since it’s terrible for the digestive system. But wait…hate water? (I know some of you exist). Add lemon, apple cider vinegar, make herbal tea infusions to add some kick to it and drink up.

Your digestive system: The large intestine

If you’re not eliminating, then your hormones and toxins will be reabsorbed. So if you suffer from constipation it’s time to address it stat. Here are several things to consider:

Your food

Listen, you can take whatever supplement you want, but ultimately if you’re eating gluten, dairy or soy, you’re adding stress to the digestive system. Remove the allergens and possible food intolerances and you will give your digestive system a much-needed break. Then consider adding in more fibre-rich veggies rather than just salads so that you can slough away some of the debris in your intestines and push that poop right on out.


It sounds basic right? As I mentioned, most of us are not drinking anywhere close to half our body weight. Our bodies are made up of over 70% water, so without it, nothing moves and we feel lethargic and totally constipated.


As you guys might know, I’m a HUGE probiotic junky, Natren being hands down the best. They contain no dairy, gluten or FOS and are the ONLY probiotic in North America that meets European standards. They feature the CFU beside each strain ensuring that the probiotics you’re getting are at full strength and they’re protected in an oil matrix delivery system so that the bacteria doesn’t kill off each other. Why: because all bacteria is antagonistic.

Now will probiotics solve your bunged up problems? They might. But they’re also like anything on this list not the silver bullet. Healing requires a wholistic approach. Not just one facet people. So let’s be totally set some realistic expectations.

Emotional Healing

I have never met one person who hasn’t had an emotional charge attached with constipation. It’s a HUGE component of overcoming it. If you haven’t reached out to Dr. Nima Rahmany who teaches the Overview Method, then do so. The man is my emotional expert in all my programs and is absolutely the master at emotional healing. Stay tuned as we will be doing events and a retreat coming up in the future.

Liver_Pic_1The Liver

Your liver is the organ which does the majority of your detoxification. This bad ass organ has over 560 functions, so it’s always working its hardest for you. Sadly, over 90 million Americans have a fatty liver which is due to the overconsumption of sugar in all forms: refined sugar and excess carbs. And don’t forget to check your alcohol consumption. More than four glasses per week is considered excessive.

(For Liver Cleansing Recipe, go to Mangiamo section of PWN website)