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Vandana Hart is a former UN advisor and professional dancer whose new Netflix show, “We Speak Dance”, drops worldwide on New Year’s Day. In anticipation of the show’s launch, she shared her favorite behind-the-scenes stories from filming with BallerStatus.

Chances are your pole dance education stopped with E-40 and Too $hort. Vandana’s didn’t. She went to Vietnam — a place where the vacuum of communism didn’t allow stigma to gestate — to meet a pole dancer who explained the connotations of pole dancing in Europe vs. Hanoi.

"During the communist time there was no pole dancing in Hanoi. Now it's seen as an art form."

— Vernanda Hart

We live in a society where creativity and innovation are championed. Conformity will only get you so far when you’re competing with people pushing the envelope. Culture is evolving. New ideas are added to “the cloud” every day. Buckle up, because the melting pot of the future is way more exciting than the homogeneity of the past.