[Greta Pontarelli | PWN]

I am immensely honored to have been asked to write a monthly column for Pole World News. Connecting with those who are driven to go after their dreams means so much to me and I embrace the opportunity to cast my net broader. Anyone who has a question that they would like me to address please send me a message through Facebook or greta@aerialzen.com.  I will be picking a topic to answer monthly.

The question that I am currently asked the most is “What inspires you”?  How does one tap into that fountain of inspiration so that there is a never ending stream of motivation and fulfillment? These are some of my thoughts that can help your reach exceed your grasp.

  1. Reach little victories by achieving smaller doable goals. At the same time keep in mind the big picture of where you would like to be in a month and in a year. If goals become seemingly unreachable, one loses the motivation to go after them. Even taking a move that you have mastered and finding a new transition in or out of it or doing the move with a different line or style can enhance your creatively and catapult you to the next level.
  2. Create an inspiring performance piece where you leave your heart on the stage. Enrich your life by tapping into an archetype, an inner muse that touches you deeply and has a profound meaning. It could be a person, mythology or a superhero, working with archetypes and bringing those classic characters to life through storytelling across the platform of an art-form creates an engaging experience for the audience and enriches the life of the artist.
  3. Videotape your combinations and review each one as soon as you do it. Keep refining your moves by cleaning up your form, creating better lines and saying something more meaningful that connects with the audience. I used to really dislike watching my videos, but I found that as soon as I did I didn’t want to stop. I quickly learned that it made more sense to watch your videos before a major performance or competition because you are still in the window of opportunity to improve your piece. There is always something to perfect and that drives us to become the best that we can become and that creates art.
  4. Find mentors, role models and heroes who lift your spirits and paint a canvas of possibility.  Just connecting with them and their art can inspire you to achieve a new level. Chances are, no matter what problem or challenge you’re up against, somebody’s been there and knows exactly what it takes for you to move through your issue. Reach out and learn from them and soon you will be their colleague.
  5. Help someone achieve one of their goals. When you empower the lives of others you empower your own life. This is why when I am asked how I manifest daily inspiration in my life, I most often look the person in the eye and say, YOU are my inspiration. People in our lives can become huge motivators. If we surround ourselves with like-minded souls who are going after their dreams connecting with them can inspire our lives daily.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Carpe Diem!