What protein should I use?

By Coach Williams

Coach_WThis question comes up a lot.  And it’s hard not to be confused when you walk in to GNC with all the variety out there.  Best advice is to keep it simple.  Remember this is science, and not magic.

You don’t need the Super-Amino Professional-Grade Time-Released sport shake, and you don’t need the low-carb low-fat protein blend for those who just want to tone.  All you need is quality, that’s it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s egg protein, milk protein, rice protein, hemp protein, what matters is if you have a brand name you can trust.  Genuine Health, VPX, CNP, BSN, Garden of Life, Biotest, and Beverly are all good brand names.  Pick one that appeals to you, your budget, or both and go for it.

This may run contrary to what many write but truth be told, the fancier combinations of protein only come in to play when you’re eating habits are already fairly healthy and stable, or your training is regularly at an intermediate or advanced level where you would benefit from the boosted recovery.

Most people just need to get a decent protein powder to mix and add to their day to make sure they are getting enough protein, or to help – I repeat help – on those days when you are just not eating enough for your activity level.

So is there any science to all these fancy forms of protein?  Yes, actually quite a bit. Most people aren’t professional athletes nor do they train like them so the difference between them only matters to your pocket book.

If you just want a shake for after a workout I would look into getting whey protein.  Cold filtered whey isolate powder has shown great benefit for post workout recovery.  Please note I did not say Hydrolyzed, di-peptide, or anything else along those line.  20 grams of cold filtered isolate is more than enough for most people.

If you have questions, contact me through PWN.

Keep Fitness Groovy,

Coach W