Local girls Seanin Ward and Emma White are celebrating after winning second place in the Doubles category of the All Ireland Pole Dance Championships, held in Mandela Hall recently.

[Dromore Leader]

The annual competition organised by El Fegan, owner of Polercise Ltd, provides an opportunity to showcase the best pole dance athletes across Ireland. With 5 categories – Amateur, Over 40s, Solo Male, Solo Female and Doubles, a vast array of diverse performances were seen on the night, with judges marking on technical difficulty, skill, strength, musicality and creativity.

The girls performed a Snow White themed routine which saw them being suspended mid-air by their ankles and performing dramatic drops on the pole. Their range of flexible and gravity-defying pole tricks earned them second place and excellent feedback from the judges, who were ‘wonderfully and magically impressed’ with their ‘wicked storyline’ and ‘hugely entertaining theatrics’.

“We had such an amazing experience and are absolutely thrilled with coming second as the standard was extremely high this year,” said Seanin, who owns and instructs at the Intapole Fitness Studio in Banbridge.

A pole dancer for five years Seani opened her own studio in 2012, where she met and currently trains Emma, who has been pole dancing for a year.

Pole dancing has become such a popular way to keep fit and improve strength and flexibility no matter what your age, size or fitness level.

“I have found a real passion for pole dancing at Intapole,” said Emma.

“I love feeling a sense of achievement when I learn a new move as well as having a great workout at the same time. Seeing continuous progress is a real motivational boost.”

Despite looking forward to some much deserved rest after the competition, the girls are eager to get back into the studio for more training to come back bigger and better next year.