What a curious time we live in,
An age of dying longer, not living longer.
“You are what you eat” Will always prevail.

There will be a moment When the world is
sick of being sick, Tired of being tired,
And has had enough with suffering.
Then there will be a transformation.
A sudden stroke of light.
That’s when every being on the planet
knows they have the choice to be a beauty,
To feel glorious,
To vibrate with aliveness, And to give radiance.

What will your story be?
There are already enough sick people in the world.
Why not let the source of light and health
hold your hand-
And since you are one with this source,
Why not be the creator of your world?
The day of change must first start here-
look down at your dinner plate,
And choose a new life.

-Excerpt from God’s Love Poems by Cali Cutler

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