By Makeda Smith


Everyone once in a while, my over active brain will try to outwit my mind and label me a narcissist. Granted, social media does seemingly encourage narcissism. I blog daily at and post across a series of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every once in a while YouTube and


So sometimes I am prone to ask myself – ‘what are you doing???’ But whenever this happens and I hesitate to hit send on a post, spirit always and all ways intervenes … and I get a clear message that though seemingly my writing, my posting, my dancing is all about me – it really isn’t about me at all.


I know spirit guides me because out of the blue, I’ll receive an email or a Facebook message from someone; a woman or a man, local, in another state or even another country – and they are thanking me for my courage, for my inspiration and for being me. And the blessing I receive from that is pure soul nourishment.


As polers, aerial artists, dancers and yes, strippers (shout out to my strippers!) our art is a powerful healing force. That pole climb, simple invert, spin around the pole, floor slither or advance aerial trick is often just what someone needed to see to move them out of the mundane – even if only for a moment. Seeing us do what maybe they want to do, or cannot do, has an impact that ripples across physical, spiritual and etheric layers. We are feeding hopes, stirring dreams and sending light out into the world. And this world needs it and it needs it badly. With the news media constantly bombarding us with ‘bad’ news – any thing we can do to counteract those messages with good news is in fact angelic work.


I wondered out loud on Facebook one day, what did polers do before social media? I am a newbie to this art, so it’s an honest question. With only four years in the community, I can’t imagine the interactions without social media. Social media doesn’t just gift me a worldwide stage for my art, as my ego and narcissism would have me believe – but more importantly, it also ‘connects’ me globally, allowing me to be a vessel for healing is more ways then I could ever imagine.


Pole dance heals me every time I touch a pole. It’s a wonderful thing to know that as I heal myself, I am healing others as well.


Let’s dance y’all !


Makeda Smith


Photo and Art Credit: Donnell Spencer Jr.