“To have Pantera in Plymouth was amazing”

ONE of the pioneers of the pole dancing industry has visited Plymouth to offer up her skills.

‘Pantera’, as she’s known, spent time at Mutley’s Art of Dance last weekend.

During her visit to Plymouth she shared some of her skills with 60 students who travelled from across the country including London, Portsmouth, Taunton, Hayle, Bristol, Falmouth and Exeter.

Pantera travels the world as a ‘master-trainer’ and performer. In addition to ‘vertical pole’ Pantera is also the creator of the ‘flying pole’.

Pantera is world renowned and has more than 63,000 followers on Facebook.

“To have Pantera in Plymouth was amazing as often Plymouth is overlooked by travelling instructors due to its geographic location and poor transport links,” said Sam Remmer, a pole dance instructor, who runs the Art of Dance.