By Melissa Ramos


Hey Friend,

Ever go into a health food store and see the wall of protein powders? Seriously, it’s like a freaking shine of tubs. (Don’t even get me started why the tubs have to be so huge when there’s only so much protein in each one. I digress…) At any rate, it’s tough when trying to buy the right one.

Does this one taste like chalk? Which is the best one to have after a workout?

What about that shake that my friend was trying to sell me on the other day?

Seriously it’s overwhelming right? So I figured I’d write a review of my top protein powders and meal replacements who should have them, who should avoid them (because smoothies are not for everyone) and which of these are best to have after a workout. But trust me, some of my suggestions may shock you.


Dive in now and get the full scoop.

(Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun)