[Shari Weiss | Gossip Cop]

Dai Dali, a 71-year-old pole dancer, performed on Wednesday’s “Little Big Shots: Forever Young” finale. Check out the video below!

Dali previously competed on “Asia’s Got Talent” in 2015. David Foster was a judge at the time, and quipped that he just “met my next wife.” She made it all the way through the semifinals. That appearance won her international recognition, as did her age-group victory in the China Pole Dance Championship.

In introducing Dali on “Little Big Shots: Forever Young,” host Steve Harvey explained the variety program looks “for people all over the world who really push their limits, and they tell me that’s what this woman does.” Due to the language barrier, though, Dali was joined by an interpreter, which led to some awkward and funny moments.

Through the translator, the pole dancer revealed she’s retired after working at a book store. When Harvey said he’d like to retire, Dali replied, “Too early for you. You’re still young.” And upon learning he’s 60, she told him, “Looking from your face, you’re about 40.” That earned her a high-five. Harvey was similarly impressed with Dali’s own youthful look, which she attributed to working out and dancing. He gave another high-five when he learned her specific style of dancing.