[By Eric Plantenberg]

Take responsibility for your dreams and goals.

It’s not about requiring permission from your partner, it’s about finding permission within yourself.

Most goals fall in one of two buckets…they are either temporary endeavors or significant life style changes.  Clarity about which bucket you are operating from is super important.  If you are passionate about a temporary endeavor, then dive in.  It is unlikely that you and your partner will have the exact same goals at the same time…therefore an unfair expectation for you to require your partner to fully support you.

On the flip side, when you notice resistance to your partner’s goals, question whether it is about control or just about not being on the same page.  A great temperature gauge for this is your state, something I talk about in my Tedx talk, The Anatomy of Results.

Above all, be true to yourself.  Honor your feelings about the situation.  Question your resistance or your need for partner support; then give yourself permission to chase after the things you are passionate about.

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be free!