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“I always feel so free when I dance.”

Pole Con is an event that takes place once a year and brings the aerial art community together. You have the opportunity to shop from amazing vendors (Bad Kitty, Contorture, Fab Pole, Twisted Polerina and Pole Sleeves to name a few)watch 11 showcases (including Comedy, Black Girls, Masters, Men, Flow, Dangerous Curves and Sexy) and participate in workshops from some of the best athletes in the industry. A few of the incredible celebrity performers included Nicole the Pole, Nadia Sharif, Crystal Belcher, Sarah Jade, Samantha Star, Accro Brandon, Amy Hazel, Roz the Diva. As well a couple groups included Vertical Joes and S Factor Houston.

After a long day of traveling, very little sleep and getting caught in the huge rain storm I began my adventure walking into the Ft. Worth Convention Center. Instantly I knew an amazing weekend was ahead of me! The center was empty with staff turning it into a magical place for pole dancers. Crew was setting up sponsored XPoles, the stage for the showcases, the playground area (an area where dancers could play on stage poles, Lyra and silks), booths for all the amazing vendors and a sitting area for the dancers to rest, eat from the amazing buffets offered over the weekend and catch up with one another. In a matter of hours the convention center would be filled with lots of athletes; sharing laughter and pole love for one another.

I was given the honor and incredible opportunity of leading the Pep Squad for Sponsors Mighty Grip and Artista Active Wear with such a great crew! From cleaning poles in between acts, helping with the booth and to simply cheering others on. As the weekend progressed more attendees became part of our squad! The response was so incredible. I could not be more thankful to all the open arms from others we received. This was an adventure and such an amazing experience.

I also ran the 7 minutes in heaven booth. A 7 minute private lesson with one of the amazing Pole Stars. I witnessed Jamilla Deville, Carlos Franca, Pheonix Kazree and Pantera Blacksmith demonstrate their skills and knowledge to polers from the beginner to the advanced. Students excelled and experienced a lifetime memory!

Not only did I experience Pole Con in this manner but also as a performer. I was given the opportunity by the Founder of Pole Con, Colleen Jolly, to perform in the Contemporary and Artisitc Showcase. It was a pure honor gracing the stage with such talented and beautiful dancers. A few included Shaina Cruea, Irmingard Mayer, Lindsay Lithe and Pink Puma. This performance was live streamed by United Pole Artists. Due to this I had my Elegant Family in Gainesville, Florida and friends from all over the world who could not attend tune in and cheer on myself as well as the other performers on the stage.


I always feel so free when I dance. As I danced I thought about my parents in heaven and milked every second on the stage. This performance was dedicated to both my parents for Fathers Day. I know they are always with me. I am so grateful to be moving and dancing once again. I could not be more blessed.

I am so thankful to have attended this yearly event. I am so proud to be part of such an amazing community and have nothing but Pole Love!

I am looking forward to next year when International Pole Convention will be in Atlanta, GA!

Enjoy !

Jacqueline Valdez- “The Pole Ballerina”

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*Performance sponsored 123 Poling!*

*Elements- by Lindsey Sterling [Music edited by DJ True Panda]*