[Rebecca Reid | Metro]

A woman from Orlando, Florida, is proving that pregnancy is no reason to give up on something you love.

(Unless what you love is doing vodka shots & smoking cigars, in which case I’m so sorry but you are probably going to need to learn to compromise.)

Allison Sipes is a professional pole dancer, and she’s amazed fans by continuing with pole through her pregnancy. Allison, 35, has been pole dancing since 2005. She teaches pole and also manages the US Pole Sports Federation, so it’s fair to say that pole is a big part of her life.

‘They [doctors] think what I do is pretty cool!  They all encouraged me to continue exercise as long as I wanted to. I have fortunately had a very healthy pregnancy with zero complications, so keeping up with what I love to do – pole and aerial – has been a blessing.’

— Allison Sipes

Discussing the challenges of pregnant pole dancing, Allison said: ‘Pole dancing was business as usual until about 6 months, then the extra weight gain/weight displacement began to make it challenging strength wise, and with regards to what I was able to do safely with my growing belly.’

As her body changed Allison adjusted her routine in order to keep going. She said: ‘I’m still going strong at almost 38 weeks, and plan to continue until labour.’
Given that women who are fitter before and during pregnancy tend to have faster and easier labours, Allison’s activity should stand her in good stead when she gives birth to her daughter, due in April.

Of course, because when you get pregnant everyone suddenly has opinions about your body, people have asked Allison about the safety of what she’s doing. She explains: ‘I have spoken with my doctors about my form of fitness, and they all agreed that as long as I felt good, keep doing it, because it will make delivery and recovery after much easier.