By Natasja Jansen

In the Netherland, pole dancing is more and more common in society. Many people know what pole dancing is these days and a lot of people find their way to a pole dance school every week. Ten years ago, when the first pole dance school opened, nobody knew what to expect. The general view was that pole dancing as a sport was just hype and could never be added to the regular base of sports. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the last ten years of hard work, the Dutch tax now recognizes pole dance as a sport, and therefore qualifies for a lower tax tariff. Nobody could have expected that!

Now pole dance is entering a new era; a new television format is introduced. Dutch celebrities battle to win the title of “Pole Dancer 2014”. The candidates are famous by sports, television, theater, music etc. Every one of them is trained by a professional pole dancer and every week they battle on television on Sunday evening. During the show till a few days later, pole dance sites and schools are visited 8 times more then usual. When celebrities pole dance, everybody wants to pole dance!

So with this boost, expect a lot of pole dance talent from the Netherlands over the next few years. Let’s make the world see what a fantastic sport pole dancing is. And thank you to the celebrities who are open minded to do these battles on commercial television!