JDH_4076-200mbBy Salenta Fox

Confidence plays a large role in the success of a person. You see confident people everyday and they are usually getting something done, reaching for the unreachable and getting it, and making things happen in their lives.

Well, what is it that creates this confidence? Do you see this confidence in others and wish you had it too, at least to the extent they do? I know for me this has been a lifelong art to master and I am still working on it each day. I realized I can always be a bit more confident, a bit more self-assured, trust myself a bit more, and reach a bit higher.

How do you feel about this topic?

On my journey I realized this confidence I sought was something developed and nurtured from deep within. Being taught to be confident on the outside, while still feeling inadequate and less-than on the inside, is fruitless, and inauthentic. The confidence is a façade and one that can be seen right through in time. So the question lies, how can you be confident from an authentic, deep core place?

The answer is three fold.

Confidence is not only something learned, it is something developed and cultivated from within. The key to confidence is feeling good about yourself, feeling worthy, feeling adequate, and valuing you at your deepest core.

Second, confidence comes when you feel empowered. When you feel weak, disempowered, dependent, and unenergized it is hard to be confident. This empowerment also needs to come from a deep, authentic place within you. Empowerment comes from healing self-doubt, negative beliefs you carry about you, and activating your power center in your body, your lower chakras and your sensuality and sexuality.

Healing your negative beliefs and stories you have about who you are is a huge part in this process. Piling a bunch of good logs on a pile of rotting ones goes not stop the rot. You have to clear out the rot before you can have a strong foundation.

Working on these three areas are the new logs, clearing out the old stories, beliefs and pain is clearing out the old rotten logs.

The third area is having healthy boundaries. This might not seem related but it is the cornerstone to the first two steps. Boundaries make you feel safe and secure. You cannot be confident if you are in fear and do not feel safe. Boundaries create a container for you to stand in your power, express your inner truth in a safe way, be sexy, and know you are taken care of by you. Safety is not something you get from someone else, it is something cultivated from within.

Strengthening these three areas creates a firm and strong foundation in you. It’s doing the core exercises that make all the difference. These build your emotional core so you can stand strong in you, no matter what you may have to stand up against.

After working with numerous clients in my Foundational Femme 3-Month Intensive course, and seeing the remarkable benefits, I created a Foundational Femme Self-Guided Course so this information can be more accessible to everyone.

Strength in the feminine form is the sexiest thing around. And when you are strong within, all things are possible.

This strength I speak of is not harsh strength; No…instead it is easy and flowing, sexy and feminine. When you can access your strength and confidence from a feminine place the world opens up to you.

I am introducing my Foundational Femme Course here.

The course addresses all these areas and walks you through a supportive system to uncover, heal and strengthen you from within.

Again, the keys to confidence are healing your relationship with self, activating your power center, building upon your core, and creating a safe place for this confidence to be housed.

When you are strong and confident you create the space and permission for other women to be too. You inner confidence rubs off on your children, your partners and creates not only success in your outside world, but healthy relationships where they matter most.

I am invite you to join the Foundational Femme Movement… its free, and you can join together with other women to get info on how to better access your power, strength and confidence from a feminine place. Follow this link and fill out the form to be added to the list


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The Foundational Femme Course- Sexy Confidence, Authentically!!